Pre K Parent Involvement Plan
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

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The Scurry-Rosser Elementary School Pre-K Parent Involvement Plan is a comprehensive plan that will help develop a meaningful partnership to meet the needs of the Pre-K families, school and community.  Our goal is to welcome parents and their contributions to our campus.

A Site-Based Committee creates this plan and is comprised of Pre-K parents and other grade level parents whose children attend SRES, along with community members, and teachers.  This committee will annually review this plan and make additions/changes based on a consensus of the group. The Pre-K Parent Involvement Plan will be posted on the district web site as well as the compact used by our school. Parents will be made aware of how to locate this plan and the importance of the contract.

Pre-K Parents and community representatives will be given opportunities to become active in the school through the PTO, tutors, classroom aides, chaperones and fundraising.

A meeting will be held in the fall each year to ensure the communities within our school district are aware of the opportunities for involvement on our campus.  SRES invites all parents to "Meet the Teacher" night.  This helps make a smooth transition into school for first time students, as well as those returning.  Early in the school year Pre-K parents will receive information about classroom expectations, the importance of school attendance, grading and homework, as well as other general school policies.

At the end of the year we will conduct a needs assessment survey. This survey will allow parents to evaluate the effectiveness of the Campus Improvement Plan.  The survey results will be evaluated by the Site-Based Committee and the plan will be revised to continue improving academic performance.

SRES will make a concerted effort to keep Pre-K parents informed about the academic lives of their children. All teachers will have a working email address and the addresses will be posted on our district web page.  The school will use telephone calls, emails, parent/teacher conferences and notes to show parents we are serious about the home-school relationship and all facets of the students' lives.  A parent/teacher conference will be held in early Fall each year to keep the lines of communication open from school to home and home to school.  Attendance, discipline, and academics will be included in the discussions with parents.   Pre-K home visits will be conducted to establish a closer school to home connection.

Our hope is that with all of us working together (home, school, and community) and starting early, we can help all of our Scurry-Rosser Elementary School Pre-K students be successful each year of their educational career. 

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